11 Times Boys Cried Since Frank Ocean’s Last Album

So many man tears.

It’s been a week since Franck Ocean hit us all with a wicked pump fake. He teased the world with an elaborate live stream teasing the news that his highly-anticipated second studio album Boys Don’t Cry was going to be released on August 5. Nope. It never happened. We had our collective mouth all set for some new music and we got nothing. It’s been more than a year of teasing, and fans voiced their frustrations last week on Twitter with some reactions so hilarious they left us in tears.

In fact, we’ve been crying for quite some time–four years, dealing with the roller coaster of emoceans the singer has put us through. And we’re not the only ones. So many A-list men have cried since Ocean dropped his first album, and it shows just how many years have passed. Since 2012, everyone from Justin Bieber to LeBron James has shed tears. Let’s relieve their boys-do-cry moments below in honor of Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry.

  • That time Justin Bieber cried like a baby.

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    Justin Bieber’s 2015 VMAs performance was inexplicably emotional, probably because Biebs was already feeling vulnerable about winning back everyone’s good graces. The Biebs danced his butt off and at one point, ascended into the air while performing “Where Are Ü Now.” But the moment everyone remembers best is when he cried like a baby. Such raw emotion.

  • That time LeBron James had the championship ugly cry face.

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    After an ugly breakup and return to Cleveland, LeBron James promised to bring a championship to his hometown. The first chip the city would see in over half a century. He did it this past summer by defeating the Golden State Warriors and the water works started almost immediately.

  • That time Harry Styles just couldn’t handle Zayn quitting One Direction.

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    Shortly after Zayn Malik officially quit One Direction, footage (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTc3ghQIiak) surfaced showing what looked like Harry Styles crying during a concert. People were quick to conclude that Harry was crying over Zayn’s departure, probably because he accurately predicted Zayn would slay his first solo album. Others tried to set the record straight, claiming Harry had been hit with a glow stick—a likely story.

  • That time Pharrell cried ironically over “Happy.”

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    Pharrell cried to Oprah, as many have, because he was just so damn happy about his song “Happy.” Oprah played Pharrell a compilation video of people all around the world dancing to his song. He proceeded to lose it, ironically shedding tears over “Happy’s” success.

  • That time Kanye broke his “must remain stoic” rule.

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    Kanye West had to take a minute to compose himself during his interview with Zane Lowe for BBC Radio 1. Kanye had been talking about Louise Wilson, the highly recognized British fashion professor who died in her sleep in May 2014, and got choked up remembering the last time he saw her. “That’s never happened to me in an interview before,” he said.

  • The time Kevin Durant gave the most epic MVP speech ever.

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    Remember when things were all good between Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder? That time he won the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award and gave the most heartfelt speech thanking his mom (“You are the real MVP”) and Thunder teammates. It made us all call our mothers and thank our friends.

  • That time Ed Sheeran felt the love way too hard. Ed Sheeran invited an audience member to share the stage with him at a concert in Texas. The man used the platform to propose to his girlfriend, causing Ed to totally lose his cool. He tweeted about the incident, admitting he “welled up” from feeling the love so hard.

  • The time Steve Harvey got you in the feels.

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    The comedian teared up in 2013 when he video-chatted the couple who took him in during his years of pre-fame struggle. “They helped me out,” Harvey said, holding back tears. So touching.

  • The time August Alsina won the Coca-Cola Viewers’ Choice Award at the BET Awards.

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    If you beat out Beyoncé, Drake and Pharrell at anything in life you would cry too.

  • The time Scott Disick sobbed in front of the Kardashian gals.

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    Disick teared up during the episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians when he faced Kourtney Kardashian for the first time since allegedly cheating on her and going down a partying spiral. It takes a brave man to face an army of Kardashian women. We’d tear up, too.

  • The time Lil Fizz cried over his custody drama with Moniece–to Moniece’s mom

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    Drama, drama, drama!