Destiny’s Child, Rihanna and More Celebrities Influenced by Aaliyah’s Personal Style

Her style was one in a million.

Aaliyah’s legend lives on via her music, personal style and the people and fans she touched. The late singer continues to inspire budding artists with her hit records, and celebrities often allude to her iconic approach to fashion via their own modern takes.

Aaliyah was known for mixing and matching baggy and form-fitting clothes, creating a sexy tomboy vibe that celebrities like Rihanna and Ciara still rock today. Once the face of Tommy Hilfiger, Aaliyah helped popularize the brand, making it “cool” to wear in the late ’90s. Her role in Queen of the Damned is also style inspiration for many, including FKA twigs and Karrueche.

We pulled some of Aaliyah’s best looks, as well as the celebrities who have been inspired by them. Check them out in the gallery below.

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    Aaliyah’s tomboy chic style and frequent play on lengths and cuts has inspired looks from many celebrities, including Ciara, Rihanna, Tink and stylist Aleali May.

  • 2 Ciara
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  • 3 Rihanna
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  • 4 Tink
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  • 5 Aleali May

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    Aaliyah’s look in her “Try Again” video was the inspiration for Keke Palmer’s 2015 Halloween costume.

  • 7 Keke Palmer

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    Warner Bros. / Queen of the Damned
    The famous headpiece and costume Aaliyah wore for her role in Queen of the Damned served as inspiration for FKA twigs’ “Two Weeks” video, as well as a photoshoot Karrueche did for Mane Addicts.

  • 9 FKA twigs

  • 10 Karrueche

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    Tommy Hilfiger
    Aaliyah famously rocked Tommy Hilfiger and became the face of the brand in 1996. Her iconic Hilfiger looks helped popularize the brand in the late ’90s.

  • 12 Destiny’s Child

Watch Damon Dash open up about losing Aaliyah on Family Therapy in the clip below.

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