These Cartoon Memes Explain Annoying Things Your Friends Do (So You Don’t Have To)

You'd kill them if you didn't love them so much.

Not everybody in the squad is your ride or die. Some friends push your buttons until you literally can’t anymore. Some friends embarrass you in public with their ratchet antics. And there’s always one who just wants to get you caught up in her hurricane of drama. But they’re still your friends, and that’s why they can get away with all of this nonsense! Instead of telling them to have several seats, just look at these relatable memes, shake your head, and carry on.

  • 1 When you’re loyal AF.

  • 2 The fashionably late friend.

  • 3 When she needy and you can’t even take a break from the drama.

  • 4 It feels like they do it on purpose.

  • 5 No chill and they know you sensitive.

  • 6 Bruh, come on!

  • 7 SMH

  • 8 That heaux friend that makes you ratchet by association.

  • 9 Then she want to get you involved in her mess.

  • 10 When the thirst is too real.

  • 11 The buzz kill friend.

  • 12 The All Lives Matter friend.

  • 13 The habitual line stepper.

  • 14 Bish, where?