A Look Back At The First Ever MTV VMAs: Bette Midler & Dan Aykroyd Co-Hosted, Herbie Hancock Swept The Awards

Michael Jackson didn't show, but Cher, David Bowie, Madonna and Diana Ross were there to schmooze.

The first ever MTV VMAs were held on September 14, 1984 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. They were co-hosted by two of the biggest stars of the day, Dan Aykroyd, fresh off the blockbuster release of Ghostbusters, which he starred in and co-wrote, and Bette Midler, was riding high on her cover of the Rolling Stones “Beast of Burden.” Remember that? Anyone?

No one had ever seen, much less uttered the letters, “VMAs” yet, and no one had any idea they were about to see Madonna writhing around in a wedding dress,

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