Here’s Calvin Harris Showing Off His Underwear (and Down There)

And more fashion news we didn't ask for this week.

Calvin Harris seems to be enjoying his time away from Taylor Swift just fine. The DJ / model / Twitter maven / master of lights now spends his days as a single man half-naked in Emporio Armani underwear, as his latest Instagram might suggest.

Calvin has posed for us in his Armani briefs before. He must have liked it so much, he decided to do it again—this time (probably) without being paid. Calvin stripped to his skivvies in order to wish his manager a happy birthday (?). Here, ladies and good men, is Calvin in not his Calvins.
On a scale of one to Safaree Samuels, I’d give this eggplant pic pretending to be a birthday wish an eight. It takes a lot to impress a gal in an age where Usher is exposing himself on the regular, but damn it, I’m impressed.

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