First They’re Sexy, Then They’re Sweet: Take A Look At Photos From Hit The Floor‘s Wedding Special

These pictures will make you happy cry and feel like you need to workout all at once.

Ahsha and Derek tied the knot on this week’s Hit The Floor: ’Til Death Do Us Part special, and we’ve got photos you can fawn over. From the super-lit bachelor party to the romantic ceremony, the couple got the best of both worlds.

  • 1

    Only the Hit The Floor cast could make scratching your head in unison look seductive.

  • 2

    Derek want that cake cake cake cake cake

  • 3

    Reaching for the cute groomsmen like

  • 4

    Ahsha understands the importance of feelin’ herself even when she’s dancing for her husband.

  • 5

    Since when do kids wear well-fitted suits?

  • 6

    Peep the size of that rock though!

  • 7

    This view is U N R E A L!

  • 8

    She’s slaying the hell out of this wedding dress, but are you even surprised?

  • 9

    Kyle and Pete know how to rock pink.

  • 10

    Sloane and Pete understand the importance of a strong selfie game at weddings.

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