Celebrities Who Have Shocked Us With Their Body Hair

We'll never be the same.

God forbid a celeb “forgets” to shave one day, and the paparazzi are all over them. An occupational hazard of fame, we suppose. Should you feel bad? Nah, probably not. Check out celebs who voluntarily (and involuntarily) gave us a sight of their body hair we’ll probably never forget.

  • 1 Miley Cyrus’ pink armpit hair
    Care Bears around the world like, “Bitch, I did it first.”

  • 2 Miley’s IDGAF armpit hair
    Here’s Miley at the 2015 amfAR Gala, showing her pits with pride.

  • 3 Lady Gaga
    Gaga did it first though, Miley.

  • 4 Alec Baldwin
    Somewhere under that luxurious layer of fur is Alec Baldwin in the ’93 flick Malice.

  • 5 Jemima Kirk
    Jemima’s look at the 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards was certainly shocking until Miley came along and made it NBD.

  • 6 Adam Levine
    Remember when we saw all of Adam’s hair? Like, all of it? This campaign photo was released in 2011 by Everyman, to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. We’re hoping it did its job considering the spread was all we could think about basically until present day.

  • 7 Zac Efron
    The time he hypnotized us on set the of We Are Your Friends with his never-ending happy trail of greatness.

  • 8 Madonna
    Last year, Madonna captioned this pic with “#LongHairDontCare,” which must’ve been the point in time she started doing the most for our attention (cough, Bitch, I’m Madonna).

  • 9 Adrian Grenier
    The time we saw his reversed happy trail and secretly loved it. There are photos out there with evidence of hair down the butt crack, but this is good as we could get for you.

  • 10 Penelope Cruz
    Aïe Magazine
    Still confused, but it’s all good ’cus Penelope.

  • 11 Nick Jonas
    We’ll never forget the day Nick unveiled his new self, and hair going all the way down there, to the world. His sexed-up Flaunt spread included butt pics, too. #NeverForget

  • 12 Julia Roberts
    Pretty Woman forevs.

  • 13 Drew Barrymore
    And here’s Drew, who’s been over worrying about armpit hair for years.

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