NFL Backup Quarterbacks That Are Hotter Than the Starter

These quarterbaes need love too.

By Claire Downs

NFL season is here, and we are ready for all of it. It’s a great way to take a break from being pummeled by constant election coverage and it’s an excuse to eat tons of nachos. It’s also America’s weekly three-hour parade of beautiful men wearing tight pants. Mostly, we stare longingly at the quarterbacks (or quarterbaes), because nobody has swag like Tom Brady, Russell Wilson or Cam Newton. That is, until now. Have you ever let your eye wonder to the action on the sidelines? The NFL is loaded with a squad of sexy backup quarterbaes, enough to make us thirsty for the whole season. Some of them are even getting some action on the field (Hi Jimmy Garoppolo!). Here are the hottest backup QBs in the league right now.

  • 1 Aaron Murray, Philadelphia Eagles
    Watch out Carson Wentz! The Eagles’ newest hire (as a practice squad QB) is Georgia made and single.

  • 2 Matt Moore, Miami Dolphins
    Getty Images
    Tall, dark, and handsome, Matt Moore looks like he could be a king from Dorne more than a Dolphins QB.

  • 3 Brett Hundley, Green Bay Packers
    If Brett looks this fine at the airport, imagine what he’d look like gazing into your eyes at a candlelit dinner. Aaron Rodgers has nothing on this guy!

  • 4 Christian Hackenberg, New York Jets
    Getty Images
    Christian Hackenberg is farmboy-next-door sexy. C’mon Gang Green, your quarterback of the future needs some present day love.

  • 5 Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers
    Getty Images
    Kaepernick is not just Mr. Right, he’s Mr. Fight For Our Rights.

  • 6 Jimmy Garoppolo, New England Patriots
    Getty Images
    Tom Brady is suspended right now and Jimmy Garoppolo is holding down the QB position quite handsomely. Don’t you think?

  • 7 Mark Sanchez, Dallas Cowboys
    Ooh, Papi! Mark Sanchez might be the “butt” of your boyfriend’s jokes, but you’d totally intercept his love missile.

  • 8 Landry Jones, Pittsburgh Steelers
    Getty Images
    It’s like if Aaron Paul became a baller QB for the Steelers; Mama like!

  • 9 Drew Stanton, Arizona Cardinals
    Getty Images
    There’s a sexy DILF vibe happening with Drew that we like.

  • 10 A.J. McCarron, Cincinnati Bengals
    Getty Images
    A.J. is adorably bro-y and we’d totally be his tight end. We see why super-hot former Miss Alabama, Katherine Webb snatched him off the market.

  • 11 Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys
    Getty Images
    Though we’re sad that Tony Romo is out for most of the season, we’re happy we’ll seeing more of Dak Prescott’s biceps that just won’t quit!

  • 12 E.J. Manuel, Buffalo Bills
    We’d drop everything and move to Buffalo if it meant one date with E.J. Manuel. Look at this smolder!

  • 13 Sam Bradford, Minnesota Vikings
    Getty Images
    We can’t get enough of that smile. Waking up to that face every football Sunday would be bliss.

  • 14 Matt Barkley, Arizona Cardinals
    Getty Images
    Matt Barkley fulfills our frat-boy fantasies. Where’s the keg stand?!