Moniece And Masika Drag TF Out Of Little Brandi In The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Check Yourself Commentary

"You and all of those teeth need to get out of my face."

Moniece AKA Petty Mayonnaise AKA Petty Pendergrass AKA….

Masika Kalysha and Moniece both show zero mercy on Lil’ Brandi in this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Masika and Moniece are supposed to be commenting on what went down in the studio scene but can’t get past how Lil’ Brandi speaks. After dragging Brandi for creating her own words such as, “mitchcombobulated,” Moniece goes onto say she’s not surprised Max Luxe didn’t put on a cape for his wife. Moniece gets more than hype when she sees Max shut down Brandi for “returning stolen funds”. At the end of the day, Masika ultimately wishes she listened to Moniece’s warnings about Lil’ Brandi and her “pop up” tendencies.

Meanwhile, as bad as Miss Rosa Acosta is, Safaree feels she needs to mind her business. Nikki Baby may not have been forthcoming about her relationship with Rosa but to Safaree, that’s the same as flat-out lying. Nikki may have put herself in a sticky situation but she doesn’t seem too phased.

In little Brandi’s defense, maybe she couldn’t speak properly that day because she was so upset? Maybe? Child, I don’t know. Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood next Monday at 8/7c!

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