Nothing But Love: Jackie And Doug Christie Share Their Annual Wedding Photos

Because who decided just one wedding was enough?

—By Rebecah Jacobs

Jackie Christie has never been a subtle person. This can make her relationships with fellow Basketball Wives LA ladies tricky, but her over-the-top love certainly seems to be working wonders for her marriage. You can say whatever you want about Jackie’s antics, but her fierce love and loyalty to her main man, Doug is without question.

Each year Jackie and Doug renew their wedding vows and promise to have and to hold, all over again. It’s kind of amazing, and in 2016, they’re celebrating their 20th year as man and wife. Check some of the best photos from many of their past weddings with captions from the reality star herself so you can get ready for their next one:

  • 1 Wedding #1
    This was Doug and I at our FIRST wedding. We got engaged on a Friday and married the following Tuesday. We were elated to finally be man and wife! We didn’t take our honeymoon right away but instead opted to go stay the weekend at our favorite hotel in downtown Seattle. We got pampered with spa treatments, massages, chocolates, strawberries and love!!

  • 2 Wedding #2
    Here we are at our second wedding. We married again at our lovely home in Washington with our favorite minister who married us the first time too. Lots more family and friends could join us, so we decided that night after our wedding over candlelight and wine that we would make it our family tradition and get married every year on our anniversary (July 8th) for the rest of our lives.

  • 3 Wedding #5
    Our fifth wedding. We were on a beautiful Caribbean cruise, and we had a lovely minister named Mary to marry us with our children Dougie Jr. Chani, and Ta’kari, and both our parents and grand parents sharing our special day and honeymoon with us, it was a dream! We swam all day we did his and hers massages, our favorite! And we ate ’til our hearts were content, we danced ’til dawn and we played with our kids and sunbathed. This was one our most favorite weddings/honeymoons

  • 4 Wedding #6
    Here we are at our 6th wedding on the soil of our land we bought to build our new home on as our family was growing and we needed more space. We married in fatigues as that year’s theme to pay tribute to the battles we had fought together up to that point with some people trying to tarnish our tradition and they had lost. It was a very important wedding that year as well for us, we were beginning a new chapter in our lives out with the old in with the new!

  • 5 Wedding #9
    Here we are getting marred for our 9th time. This time we were excited even more, as we were on the foundation of our new home while it was being built. We wore the construction suits and hard hats as a celebratory theme for the builders that were building our dream home. All our kids and parents as well as friends from out of town attended, it was amazing!

  • 6 Wedding #11
    Here we are at wedding number 11. We were holding on for dear life! We had made it past the 10 year point with no chance of slowing down! Our 11th time down the aisle was magical, just absolutely gorgeous! Not that they all weren’t, lol, but we had completed building our dream home, and we were getting married in the formal entry way for the first time! And there were beautiful garnet colored rose petals sprinkled throughout. We had asked all the guests to dress in either all white or black, it was a formal affair, and we also had four dozen white doves that we released into to the sky to celebrate our love!

  • 7 Wedding #11
    Another shot from Wedding #11

  • 8 Wedding #13
    Our thirteenth wedding was simply mind blowing. Our city of Seattle is a beautiful place, but on this day it was unbelievably spectacular! We left our home, and our wonderful journey began once we arrived at the loading dock downtown. We were whisked away on a beautiful cruise around the Puget Sound, one of Seattle’s treasures! We feasted on delicious food, cake, wine and cheese, all of our favorites! We were married at 5 PM just before dusk and it was surely a day to remember!

  • 9 Wedding #13
    Lucky wedding #13.

  • 10 Wedding #14
    This too was a special wedding for us, our 14th. We married at the Space Needle — I had never been to the top of it and wanted to experience it, and boy oh by did I! It was a lovely, sweet, and intimate wedding, not like some of our other more wild ones that I purposely did not include photos for! LOL! Our honeymoon was amazing for this one too!

  • 11 Wedding #16

  • 12 Wedding #16
    This was OUR MOST FAVORITE WEDDING OF THEM ALL, OUR 16TH. That’s because my beloved mother Cora was able to attend, even though doctors were not very optimistic that she could, but God answered our prayers and she made it, along with our family, thanks to VH1, Shed Media, and SKYPE! for making that possible. And because all the girls, Laura, Gloria, Imani, and Malaysia as well as Matt all my hubby’s friends were there too! And the after party was fantastic!

[Photos: courtesy Jackie and Doug Christie]