10 Famous Comedians Who Made Waves in Hip-Hop

Add Kevin Hart's new single with T.I. and Migos to the list.

By Seth Glass

Kevin Hart signed a record deal with Motown last month. He’ll be performing under the alias “Chocolate Droppa.” This week, Kevin Hart Chocolate Droppa released his debut single, “Baller Alert,” featuring T.I. and Migos.

Chocolate Droppa’s What Now? (The Mixtape) comes out on October 14. Hart’s stand-up comedy movie What Now? comes out the same day. Check out the list below to see why the relationship between hip-hop and stand-up comedy is nothing new and find out who paved the way for Hart.

  • 1 Chris Tucker
    Tucker’s had a place in hip-hop ever since his iconic role as Smokey in Ice Cube’s Friday. Then he popped up in Tupac’s “California Love” video the next year. By the late ’90s, he was dancing to Jay Z’s “Can I Get A…” in Rush Hour.

  • 2 Cedric the Entertainer
    Who could forget when Cedric turned up with the jokes on Jay Z’s “Threats”? Most rappers couldn’t even get a feature on The Black Album, but Hov had Cedric’s comedy game front and center.

  • 3 Martin Lawrence
    When Big Sean and Chris Brown recreated Martin for the “Play No Games” video, it was only right that they get Mr. Lawrence himself for a cameo.

  • 4 Katt Williams
    For a minute there, if you mentioned “pimpin'” in pop culture, you had to call Katt. So that’s exactly what Ludacris did when when needed some laughs for the outro to his 2005 hit, “Pimpin’ All Over the World.”

  • 5 Donald Glover
    This guy went from stand-up to a full blown rapper a.k.a. Childish Gambino. Now he’s focused on his new TV show, Atlanta, but Glover released several projects as Gambino before getting back to acting.

  • 6 Bernie Mac
    The late comedy legend blessed the skits on fellow Chicagoan Kanye West’s first two albums, The College Dropout and Late Registration. Rest in peace.

  • 7 Jerry Seinfeld
    Wale’s 2008 project, The Mixtape About Nothing, played off Seinfeld, the show about nothing, down to the cover art. Seven years later, Wale recruited Jerry Seinfeld himself to contribute to The Album About Nothing.

  • 8 Dave Chappelle
    Chappelle is more hip-hop than most MCs. For one, he always had rappers as musical guests on Chappelle’s Show, but in 2006, he released an entire film—Block Party—centered around hip-hop performances.

  • 9 Jamie Foxx
    Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” spent 10 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. That makes it one of the most successful rap songs of all time, but don’t forget how much of that has to do with Foxx’s Ray Charles-esque crooning throughout the entire song.

  • 10 Chris Rock
    Rock rants about hip-hop in almost every single one of his stand-up sets. Watch this video—he even participated in a rap battle a few years ago. And Top Five was a celebration of hip-hop culture more than anything.