A Who’s Who Of Yung Joc’s Children And Baby Mothers

Yung Joc has 8 children, four baby mothers, an estranged wife, and Kendra. Check our gallery for adorable pictures of the kiddos and their mothers so you know what's what.
  • 1 Yung Joc with his oldest son Amoni, his mother is Fatimah

  • 2 Joc’s sons: Amir (with wife Alex), Cadence (with girlfriend Carla) and Amoni (with girlfriend Fatimah)

  • 3 Joc’s ex-wife Alex with her kids Chase, Ja’Kori and Amir, and Fatimah’s son Amoni

  • 4 Twins Eden and Allon, his daughters with Sina

  • 5 Roll call: Eden, Allon, Cadence, Camora, Amoni, Chase and Ja’Kori

  • 6 Carla and Joc’s twins: Camora and Cadence

  • 7 Joc with son Cadence, one of his twins with ex Carla