All the Times Someone Should’ve Taken Rob Kardashian’s Phone Away

He hates the spotlight, but he's not afraid to start some ish on social media.

By Claire Downs
Rob Kardashian may be the king of a budding sock empire, but that doesn’t mean that he’s any good at social media. Rob had always been the most reluctant Kardashian when it came to the fame game. His disdain for the spotlight is well-documented, but he has his moments when starting ish on the internet has thrust him into the headlines. Big bro went into Twitter finger beast mode after a recent family dispute and he pulled the pettiest of moves. He tweeted out his baby sister Kylie Jenner’s phone number because he was upset his family planned a baby shower, but did not invite his pregnant fiancee, Blac Chyna. Given his messy history with social media, all we hope at this point is that he has someone on his team to tell him,”Sweetie, it’s time to log off.” Here are the times Rob needed to put the phone down.

  • That time he slut-shamed Rita Ora.

    Rob and Rita dated back in 2012. The breakup ended publicly, with Rob claiming that Rita had stepped out on him “with 20 guys”. While that sucks (and is a little unbelievable) that’s also TMI. Then, Rob had to go and attack Rita for having multiple sexual partners before they were together, which is just slut-shaming. Come on, Rob.

  • The time he “joked” about having a son and it felt too real.

    Back in 2014, Rob set the internet ablaze with a Tweet and Insta referencing a “son” named Robert III. He’s joked about this “son” on KUWTK before, but he always seems kind of serious about it. I guess we just don’t get the joke.

  • That time he tried to “drop” his family via Instagram.

    In February, Rob used this meme to announce he would be “orphaning” himself from the rest of the Kardashians because they didn’t like Chyna.

  • That time he announced his engagement on Instagram while his family was on vacation.

    While the entire Kardashian klan was out of town skiing in Vail, Rob proposed to Chyna and posted photos on Insta. Apparently, the engagement was as much a surprise to Rob’s sisters and mom as it was to the rest of the world. According to Kris, she woke up to a gazillion text messages. “He should have called me. I didn’t do anything to him. Except give him an amazing life,” Kris lamented. Not cool, Rob.

  • That time he threw major shade at Kim K.

    Rob really has no filter, which became most clear in March, when he Instagrammed a gory still from the thriller, Gone Girl. The caption was beyond harsh: “This is my sister, the b*tch from Gone Girl.” The novel and movie, follow faker Amy Dunne. We’re not sure what Rob was referring to, but Kim later said that he was “just being funny.”

  • That time Rob deleted all of his photos.

    In July, rumors surfaced that Rob and Chyna were over after Rob deleted all of his photos, except a #TBT selfie. Drama, drama, drama.

  • That time Rob explained why he deleted all of his photos.

    Rob returned to Instagram in August, and explained that he and Chyna did not break up, they were just trying to give space from social media attention. Again, TMI, but okay. This didn’t last long, because…

  • That time Rob unfollowed Chyna and deleted all of his photos (again).

    Earlier this month, Rob ghosted us on social, again. In a dramatic moment, Rob unfollowed his pregnant girlfriend and deleted every single photo he had on Insta. Damn. That’s a cold way to hash it all out on social.

  • That time he leaked Kylie’s number out of spite.

    This is the most recent drama. After Kylie didn’t invite Chyna to Blac Chyna’s own baby shower, Rob punished Kylie by giving out her real phone number to his 6.6 million followers. The phone number has been reportedly disconnected. The same could be said about Rob’s social media etiquette.