Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine Remind Us of These Powerful Celebrity Co-Workers

Add them to the list of successful platonic power couples.

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine may not be the most exciting people ever to aspire to the nation’s highest offices. Though they may not always be electrifying, in the short time since Kaine has joined the campaign, it has been made clear that they will make a great team. Tim Kaine’s speech at the DNC in July solidified Clinton and Kaine as the kind of team with the mutual admiration to support each other through the long grind of the campaign trail.

These kind of friendships don’t just work inside the beltway. Hollywood is also home to a number of platonic power couples. Just as Hillz and Tim lift each other up politically, these couples help each other get the job done in show biz. Here are some Hollywood power couples that Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are similar to.

Watch Democrats try to say one nice thing about Trump in the video below.

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