Scenes from The Makeup Chair And Beyond: Peep These Backstage Pics From The Basketball Wives LA Reunion

Get your fill of behind the scenes goodies to hold you over until the reunion airs

As this Basketball Wives LA season winds down, you might be fearing a tiny vacancy in your heart that is currently filled on Sundays at 8/7c. Not to fret, because the end of the season means it’s reunion time, and sometimes reunions are even funnier and messier than the regular season. Before we get to check out what actually goes down drama-wise, we have a behind the scenes look at our girls gearing up for their role on center stage: Take a look.

  • 1
    Miss Duffey is all smiles backstage as she puts some finishing touches on her makeup for the night.

  • 2
    If only we could all look as gorgeous as Angel Brinks does in a onesie, posing outside of her dressing room.

  • 3
    The calm before the storm–Angel Love looks, well, angelic getting her hair done backstage before the show.

  • 4
    It’s never the wrong time to strike a pose for Brandi Maxiell, even off-camera she’s looking ready for her close-up.

  • 5
    Shaunie O’Neal is glowing as she sits in her dressing room smiling with friends.

  • 6
    Looks like the Basketball Wives could be all smiles this time around, laughing with one another and their reunion host Marc Lamont Hill.

  • 7
    Draped in all black, Jackie Christie is looking fierce backstage, probably laughing at something inappropriate that she just said.

  • 8
    Not a surprise that Malaysia is backstage with her face looking alllll the way beat–that lipgloss is everything.

  • 9
    Angel Brinks, Malaysia, and Tami are all serving a look that is usually a common occurrence during reunions: skeptical and over it.

  • 10
    Adorned with the same dramatic bun as before, Angel Brinks swapped out her cute PJs for a stunning beaded number.

  • 11
    Tami Roman is owning her short ’do posing by her dressing room, effortlessly rocking a piece from Beyonce’s Ivy Park collection.

  • 12
    She does it again! Brandi Maxiell changed her look since we saw her backstage and is flaunting all of it flawlessly in that red jumper.

  • 13
    Angel Love gets touched up.

  • 14

  • 15
    Girl, you’re looking thin. Eat something.

  • 16
    Shaunie gets her pout on.

  • 17
    The EP is hard at work.

  • 18
    And this is Angel’s casual look.

  • 19
    Makeup chair life.

  • 20
    Shaunie in the mirror.

  • 21
    Jackie gets glammed and glossed.

  • 22
    Just a touch-up.

  • 23

  • 24
    Our style inspiration.

  • 25
    Turning that beat face into a Snapchat story.

  • 26
    A calm before the storm begins.

  • 27

  • 28
    The real dressed-down moment of the night.

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