These Candid Photos from the Basketball Wives LA Reunion Just Scream “Meme Me,” So We Did

They slayed though, mmk!

The ladies of Basketball Wives LA may have been on ten at the reunion, but we like to always think of them in a funny light. Our photographer caught some pretty candid pictures for some not-so-pretty moments so we figured, why not meme them? Right?

  • 1 When you’re performing karaoke with your girls but you didn’t call dibs on Beyonce in time so now you Michelle.

  • 2 “Read the results Maury! G’head Maury… I AM 10,000% SURE, MAURY. READ ’EM”

  • 3 There’s always that one brave man who foolishly tries to bag you in front of all your friends.

  • 4 We all have that one friend who be dying laughing for no reason.

  • 5 When the pastor’s preaching that good word.

  • 6 That’s that “Heaux, you know you lying” face.

  • 7 Girl: Hold up! Darren triflin’ ass ain’t tell me he was coming here. Ima go press him. Homegirl: One sec girl, you not about to go over there looking crazy, I got you real quick.

  • 8 When you see a fine man from across the bar looking like a steak dinner.

  • 9 When your mom’s about to pay at the grocery store and you try to walk up to her with a bag of Oreos.

  • 10 Been watching the debates like…

  • 11 “Girl, I got anything in my teeth?”

  • 12 When you leaving the club and you get that 3am “wyd” text.

  • 13 Teacher: Have a good weekend guys! Annoying A– Classmate: Ms. Shenellica, you didn’t give us any homework. Everyone else:

  • 14 When your best friend brings her friend out and you don’t really rock with her like that.

  • 15 When your mom had enough of you and says, “Go to your father house.”

  • 16 When “It’s Going Down” by Yung Joc comes on in the club.

  • 17 “Trust me ma, I got bread…a lot of bread. Tuh, trust. Mad breadddd.”

  • 18 When you look so good you take your own breath away, tuh!

  • 19 Him: Excuse Miss, may I… Her: Please, I got a man, I’m not interested. Ugh, you so thirsty. Him:

  • 20 When you walk in the room to meet your man’s sisters for the first time, all of them….

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