Look at These Adorable Halloween Costumes Celebrities Wore When They Were Kids

Gigi Hadid been a slay queen.

By Claire Downs

Halloween is a spooktacular time to post ghoulish selfies and sexy costume pics. It’s also a magical opportunity to post a costume #TBT and rake in tons of likes – especially if you’re famous! It’s a great way for celebs to prove that they’re not just “just like us,” they’re #relatable!

Every kid has suffered some weird costume ideas, melting makeup, and looks that were totally thrown together last minute. Stars are no different. These adorable, hilarious, and just plane strange Instagram memories will get you in the Halloween spirit. Because no matter what your costume ends up being, most likely you’re gonna look back on it and laugh. Unless you’re Blue Ivy, who will look back on her days of slaying with pure admiration. (Remember this MJ look? We died!)

  • 1 Lindsay Lohan as Jasmine from Aladdin
    Before Lindz starred in Disney movies like The Parent Trap, she dreamed of being a Disney princess!

  • 2 Miley Cyrus as a Princess
    Way before twerking, Miley was werking it out in this Princess costume. Note: Billy Ray’s mullet is not a costume.

  • 3 Emma Roberts as a Witch
    Even Emma Roberts knows what’s up: real witches wear black and purple striped stockings.

  • 4 Lena Dunham as a Secretary
    In perfect Lena Dunham fashion, she chose to be a “secretary,” for Halloween. Even in ’94 she was celebrating the working woman.

  • 5 Martha Stewart as Little Bo Peep
    We wouldn’t be surprised if Martha hand-wove that basket herself!

  • 6 Amy Schumer as a Witch
    Amy Schumer’s caption for this Insta claps back at the haters, “#TBT dressing as myself.”

  • 7 Olivia Wilde as Zombie Wonder Woman
    Sometimes it’s hard to remember what look you were going for back in the day. Olivia Wilde said of this circa 1990 pic, “Zombie/Wonder Woman? Unclear.”

  • 8 Taylor Swift as a Teletubby
    Everybody’s had that costume that makes everyone say, “What are you supposed to be?” T-Swift’s been there. She captioned this pic, “When you dress as the yellow teletubby for Halloween, but it’s before Teletubbies got huge so all the kids at school ask you why you’re dressed as a yellow pregnant alien.” Shoot!

  • 9 Drake as TMNT
    Just hold on, we’re cowabunga! Who knew that Champagne Papi made such a cute Raphael?!

  • 10 Ed Sheeran as a Clown
    Before creepy clowns terrorized the suburbs, Ed Sheeran wore his specs over this cute costume.

  • 11 Kourtney as a Ballerina, Kim as Wonder Woman
    You can totally tell that these lewks were styled by mama Kris…

  • 12 Kylie, Kendall and Kris as Pirates
    …and some years Kris just couldn’t help herself! Arrg!

  • 13 Ariana Grande as Dorothy
    Ari as Dorothy is almost too perfect!

  • 14 Mario Lopez as a Vampire (with Fergie!)
    Back in the day, Mario and Fergie were on a TV show called Kids Incorporated (so was Jennifer Love Hewitt!) Mario posted this screengrab from a Halloween episode to Twitter, just to prove he’s better at #TBT than all of us.

  • 15 Krysten Ritter as a Robot
    This is too much! That feeling when you tell your parents what you’re being for Halloween, and they start looking for cardboard boxes and plumbing equipment!

  • 16 Jessie J as a Spider
    We don’t know what’s cuter – that this spider only has six legs, or her mini high-heels! Careful not to trip, girl!

  • 17 Gigi Hadid as Jessie from Toy Story
    This is photo evidence that Gigi has always brought all of the sass.