Check Out These “Memeable” Moments from the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion

Just jokes!

The season three reunion of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood had the room filled with tension, which is why we captured these moments and flipped them into something happier. Even cast members like Safaree Samuels and Teairra Mari who really only came to show out in their fresh ’fits aren’t exempt from being memed. Seriously, what fun is a candid otherwise? Scroll through some of these not-so-camera ready moments from the reunion, equipped with captions of course!

  • 1 That moment you open up a fresh pack of gum and people are already asking you for a piece.

  • 2 When she introduces you as her boyfriend.

  • 3 That moment you’re sitting in the middle of the party wondering, “why TF am I here?”

  • 4 That’s that, “mmmm, b—h you lying” face.

  • 5 When you out in public and you gotta give your kid that “I’m going teach you a lesson if you don’t act like you have some sense” face.

  • 6 When your dad had you in church for nine hours. (Some of us have been here).

  • 7 When you’re about to go to the function but you peep how good you look in the mirror one last time.

  • 8 When bae has been ignoring your texts all day then tweets, “yo these chicks annoying, bruh.”

  • 9 When you got yourself a sponsor.

  • 10 When you realize where the choker you’ve been looking for went.

  • 11 When ya man on you in the club and them hatin’ heauxs mad.

  • 12 When you had a couple of glasses of wine and he throws on that Marvin Gaye.

  • 13 “So why is Dominoes texting you asking if you up?”

  • 14 When you thought you were on the list but the door lady never heard of you and says “It’s $20 to get in.”

  • 15 When you’re trying to figure out who TF he’s talking to.

  • 16 When he agrees to go on a first date but little does he know you’re low-key crazy and will Angela Basset his belongings any moment he slips up.

  • 17 When he says “either control your spending or I’m out.”

  • 18 When you can finally fly first class and no one can tell you nothing.

  • 19 When your homegirl asks you which girl tried to start with you.

  • 20 “Girl, you shaved today?” “Nuh uh, girl, I used Nair.”

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