A Woman Got 20 iPhone 7s From Her 20 Boyfriends and Sold Them All For the Cash to Buy a House

Way too much sauce!

By Jasmine Washington

Goals! One woman in China has managed to pull off the ultimate hustle and we literally cannot deal.

According to the BBC, a Chinese blogger named Qiaoba recently recounted the epic tale of her colleague who managed to buy a house courtesy of her reselling nearly 2 dozen phones gifted by her almost 2 dozen boyfriends.

Xiola (the nickname given to the lucky lady) reportedly convinced each of her 20 boyfriends to buy her an iPhone 7. The eldest daughter of a migrant worker and housewife eventually went on to resell the phones and used the proceeds to buy her first home.

Because of the nature of the tough housing market in China, Xiola’s accomplishment has brought great pride to those who know her but they are not alone. The BBC claims that the hashtag that translates to “20 mobiles for a house” has been used over 13 million times. Xiola clearly has a way with large audiences.

This is the kind of hustle that would make Cardi B proud.

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