A Brief History of Epic Durag Moments in Pop Culture

From the hood to the mainstream.

By Marcus Reeves

On social media it’s #DuragHistoryWeek, which not only celebrates the traditional urban head-gear for keeping low cuts waving, but the moments celebrities crossed the rag from the hood to the mainstream. Like that time Jay Z hit the MTV Movie Awards red carpet in a durag and suit. #ClassicHov. How about when Allen Iverson accepted his NBA Rookie of the Year award in a durag. David Stern wasn’t ready. Of course we have to mention when trendsetting, fashion goddess Rihanna broke all kinds of high-fashion rules. Here’s a look at some icon moments in durag history.

  • 1 Bruhman
    On the episode “Fat Like Dat,” Martin Payne’s famous neighbor Bruhman (fif flo), made one of his many unexpected entrances. This time coming out of Martin’s bathroom after taking a hot show. And of course to keep his waves tight Bruh had on the stocking cap version the durag.

  • 2 Allen Iverson
    Getty Images
    A.I. brought hip hop style to the NBA, so its no surprise he accepted his Rookie of the Year award rocking a durag cap.

  • 3 Ja Rule
    Def Jam
    The Queens rap superstar saw his biggest commercial selling album when he rocked a durag for the cover of his triple platinum Pain is Love album.

  • 4 Steven Seagal
    Screen Gems
    Not all these moments go down in history because they’re good. Action star Steven Seagal tried it when he starred with Ja Rule in the prison flick Half Past Dead. Iconic fail.

  • 5 50 Cent
    Interscope Records
    50 Cent became an instant hip hop music superstar, pop icon and sex symbol when he posed shirtless, muscle-bound and duragged on his 6 times platinum debut LP Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

  • 6 Jay Z
    Getty Images
    Yes, that’s Jay Z rocking a durag with a suit to the MTV Movie Awards, because in hip hop Hov is more than a business man (and you already know the rest).

  • 7 Eminem
    Getty Images
    In 2002, Eminem won a bunch of awards at the VMAs and he donned a durag while accepting them. Slim Shady life!

  • 8 Rihanna
    ”]Leave it to Robyn Fenty to make a high fashion statement with a durag.

  • 9 Nelly
    Getty Images
    A durag on the Grammy red carpet? Nelly did that!

  • 10 Chamillionaire
    Getty Images
    Loyal to the durag life, you already know Chamillionaire stayed true the game by rocking his signature head piece during a performance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.