These Fabolous Flashback Fashion Moments Will Make You Miss the ’90s

Flashback to Coogi sweaters and metal framed shades.

By Jasmine Washington

One thing’s for sure and two things are for certain, Fabolous has a thing for the 1990’s. More than just sampling instrumentals and catchy phrases from 90’s hits, the Summertime Shootout rapper effortlessly incorporates blasts from the past into his day-to-day fashion ensembles.
Whether he’s rocking vintage jerseys or sporting go-to 90’s accessories like Cuban link chains, the Young OG plays no games when it comes to his appreciation of 90’s fashion. Don’t get it twisted, though. Fab can still rock a dad hat and skinny jeans with the best of them.

Check out some of Fab’s most fashionable 90’s flashbacks in honor of the rapper’s birthday (November 18).

  • 1
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    Fab pays homage to the classic 1990’s film Above The Rim.

  • 2
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    Cuban link chains and throwback jerseys.

  • 3
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    Swishy windbreakers and classic Jordan 5’s.

  • 4
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    Wassup? Wassup? Fab gives a nod to the hilarious series Martin.

  • 5
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    Fab show’s love to UNLV who just so happened to go undefeated during their 1990-1991 season.

  • 6
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    The Brooklyn native pays homage to fallen rapper The Notorious B.I.G.

  • 7
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    Shearling coats and Timberland boots? Classic 90’s ’steeze!’

  • 8
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    Flashback to when these were called flight jackets and not bombers.

  • 9
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    Fab channels his inner Tupac with this black fitted hat and camouflage jacket combo.

  • 10
    Parted high top fade paired with metal framed glasses? Sometimes it’s all in the details.

  • 11
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    The 90’s were so nice (Fab voice) the rapper donned all 90’s attire (down to his car and cellphone) at his 2014 birthday celebration.

  • 12
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    Coogi down to the socks.

  • 13
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    90’s fashion dynamic duo sleeveless vest and hoodies.

  • 14
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    Fab recreates the ultimate 90’s wintertime ensemble, varsity jackets and Timbs.