Rachel McAdams’ Style Evolution Will Make You Nostalgic for Days

Throwback to flare jeans and tank tops.

Rachel McAdams has come a long way since the time she had to wear a tank top with the nipples cut out as Regina George. The Mean Girls icon emerged in the early 2000s with a style that fully embodied the time: piece-y, layered hair, tank tops (with no cutouts) and of course, bell bottom jeans.

The days of exaggerated flares and Kelly Clarkson-esque highlights have come and gone, and McAdams has since come to be known as both a fashionista and a hair dye enthusiast. She’s rocked everything from brown bangs to layered strawberry blonde locks to a platinum blonde bob — and we love her for it.

Here, see McAdams’ most stylish looks from her Notebook era to Midnight in Paris to present day.

  • 1
    Hello highlighter orange!

  • 2
    A corset top and jeans. So 2005.

  • 3
    Serving bangles for days.

  • 4
    Pink hair, don’t care.

  • 5
    Pretty and polished.

  • 6
    Taking notes from Anna Wintour herself.

  • 7
    Red carpet realness.

  • 8
    Ladies and gentlemen, you saw it here first. Rachel McAdams wearing the naked dress before the rest of ’em.

  • 9
    Presidential as hell.

  • 10
    Chains and blunt bangs. A perfect combination.

  • 11
    It’s official. Red is her favorite color.

  • 12
    Abstract AF.

  • 13
    Pantsuit nation trailblazer.

  • 14
    Watercolor woman.

  • 15
    Queen of birds.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.