Where Do The I Want To Work For Diddy Contestants Actually Work Now?

Let's see what these former Diddy assistant hopefuls find themselves doing years later.

After watching I Want To Work For Diddy back in 2009, we all got a glimpse into just how intense it is at Bad Boy Records. Daniel tried to impress Diddy by rapping some bars from Illmatic, and Kennis told Diddy he loved him and got a hug from the man himself their first time meeting. So where did those awkward interviews and intense days at work get the contestants? Find out how some of your faves from the show are living today:

  • 1 Laverne Cox
    We probably don’t have to tell you what she’s up to now, but did you even remember that Laverne was on I Want To Work For Diddy?! Since her humble beginnings, she’s been in a million of your favorite TV shows and movies, of course including her role in Orange Is The New Black.

  • 2 Mike Barber
    Winner of season one and beloved heartthrob Mike aka Mic may not be with Bad Boy, but he’s still repping heavy in the music game! Every week he runs “Mic Check Wednesdays,” a talent showcase for up and comers in NYC.

  • 3 Dalen Spratt
    Dalen was super disappointed when he got sent home by Diddy all those years back, but that was not the end for his TV career! He now stars in The Ghost Brothers, where he and his two colleagues investigate paranormal activity.

  • 4 Poprah
    Ahhh, the infamous two-season contestant Poprah. She’s been on a bunch of different adventures since wanting to work for Diddy, including her inspirational, “Ask Poprah” YouTube segment. She’s recently gone on a natural hair journey with Hairnamics to strengthen her natural hair and help other girls do the same.

  • 5 Daniel Orrison
    After winning the show, it’s not clear if Daniel really worked for Diddy, but he did get back to his vineyard grind. Apparently his relationship with Bad Boy stuck, because Wyclef was spotted at their studio drinking on his Orison 2012 ’Pipa’ wine!

  • 6 Kennis Bell
    Kennis graduated from Northern Texas University since we last saw him, and now is working as a default servicing officer.

  • 7 Ivory Tabb
    A lot can happen in a couple of years… Since her stint on the show, Ivory is still working in the business world, but is also an award-winning body-builder!

  • 8 Ebony Jones
    As the winner of season two, Ebony said after the fact that the hardest part of the job was not proving herself to Diddy, but to everyone else in the office. It’s unknown if she is still working for Bad Boy, but she was just at their Reunion Tour a few months ago, so she’s clearly still in the family!

  • 9 Blake Sunshine
    Since her departure from the show, Blake has appeared in a ton of music video spoofs on Worldstar Hip Hop, along with other commercials and TV. She also works as a personal trainer in Los Angeles.

  • 10 Noelle Johnson
    She was participating in pageants even before I Want To Work For Diddy, and since the show ended, she was named Florida’s Perfect Miss 2015. Life is pretty different for her though, now she’s working as an agent in Los Angeles!

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