Interracial Couples Give Us the Scoop on Having Thanksgiving Dinner With Their Significant Other’s Family

How the food is seasoned is a major key!

Spending Thanksgiving with your partner’s family can be both an enlightening and stressful experience. You get to meet their family, learn about their culture, and try their foods. For some interracial couples the difference can be overwhelming. The dynamic of being raised in different cultures can lead to some holiday shenanigans that can either make you laugh or cry, but you’ll definitely learn something new in the end. Some families take grace very seriously, while others jump straight into the grub. Some prepare non-holiday foods likes pasta or seafood instead of the typical turkey dish. Some prefer saying stuffing instead of dressing. How the food is prepared and seasoned could be completely different than what you’re used to and that can be a non-starter for some. If you’re in an interracial relationship, this what you have to deal with during the holidays.

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