After All Their Drunken Drama, Terrence And Danielle Are Still Riding Strong

They do look cute together.

Danielle’s boyfriend Terrence did the most this season of Black Ink Crew: Chicago when it came to their relationship. Fueled by jealousy and Hennessey, the only times we really saw ol’ boy this season was when he was coming at Danielle for her imaginary romantic relationship with Ryan. Now, we all know whatever went down between Ryan and Danielle was so last season, but apparently Terrence didn’t get that memo. Although he was wildn’ out, it’s safe to just blame it on the Henny because he and his girl are still riding strong. Don’t hate, they actually looks sooo cute together. Just scroll through!

At the end of the day, Terrence is just a man who loves Danielle as much as he loves Hennessy. In case you missed the season finale, watch Terrence travel across the world to fight for his love and turn up.

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