These Pictures Only Begin To Show Why Ju Ju and Cam’Ron Will Always Be One Of The Dopest Couples Of All Time

#DaKillas are too trill.

Since the season seven premiere of Love & Hip Hop, Cam’ron has made it very clear via social media that he’s only made a few cameo appearances on the show off the strength of his wifey, Ju Ju. This is one of the reasons why their relationship is looked up to by many. Over the years, Cam has had zero problem letting the world know how much he loves him some Ju Ju. Yes, she is 6 feet something of some fine Cuban chocolate, but her spirit and personality emanate through her breathtaking looks. By stressing the importance of proper communication and trust, something so simple but yet the root of most relationship problems, Ju Ju is showing women everywhere how to build a dope bond with your partner (who should also be your best friend). “Aww” at some pictures of Ju Ju and Cam’ron. This is goals.

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