Where Are They Now: The Cast of My Brother and Me

What's up with Goo?

By Soraya Joseph

In this edition of our weekend series, Sitcom Saturdays, we’re kicking off with a stroll down 1990’s memory lane to remember the short-lived, but never forgotten, My Brother and Me. Despite the 1994 Nickelodeon classic only lasting for one season, it made Nick history as the network’s first show to feature a predominantly Black cast, with the fictional Parker family being at the center. Despite success in ratings, My Brother and Me failed to return the following season, reportedly due to producers and show creators failing to come to terms for the vision and direction of the show.

However, before the Nick show left our screens, we got 13 golden episodes of Alfie, Dee Dee, Melanie, Deonne and good ol’ Goo.

So where are they now?

  • 1 Arthur Reggie III aka Alfred ’Alfie’ Parker
    Alfie was the cool, older brother who focused mainly on popularity and keeping younger bro Dee Dee out of trouble (remember the infamous bullying epsiode?)

  • 2 Now
    Today, the 34-year-old Arthur is a father and dabbles in music going by the rap alias Showbizness.

  • 3 Ralph Woolfolk IV aka Dee Dee Parker
    The sweet, younger brother of Alfie who would sometimes get fed up with being the baby of the family.

  • 4 Now
    Ralph is all grown up now. He went on to play baseball and pledge Alpha Phi Alpha at Morehouse College. The now married 31-year-old is an Atlanta police officer who resurfaced in 2014 as a viral bae.

  • 5 Jimmy Lee Newman Jr. aka Goo Punch
    Good ol’ Goo! The best friend to Aflie and Dee Dee was also the center of most of the show’s comedic relief.

  • 6 Now
    We haven’t seen much of Goo, but as of last year, the 31-year-old actor from Compton (who also had small stint in ’Boyz in the Hood), was still living in California!

  • 7 Aisling Sistrunk-Schneck aka Melanie Parker
    The actress played the big sister to Alfie and Dee Dee and was the center of the typical, adolescent angst on the show. She was totally over Goo’s crush on her.

  • 8 Now
    Today, Aisling is married with 3 kids, and the vice president of a company that makes a baby accessory and equipment line.

  • 9 Amanda Seales aka Deonne
    Deonne was Melanie’s best friend and had a strong, recurring role on the show (she appeared in 10 of the 13 episodes in the series.)

  • 10 Now
    Amanda is a one woman show and probably the most prominent entertainment figure from the series. After the show, she went on to graduate from Columbia University, all the while expanding her career by adding VJ, media personality, and comedian to her resume. Seales currently stars as Tiffany, on the Issa Rae created, HBO comedy, Insecure.

  • 11 Jim R. Coleman aka Roger Parker
    The father to sons Alfie and Dee Dee and daughter Melanie. Although he was considered a cool dad, Mr. Parker was also a disciplinarian when need be.

  • 12 Now
    Jim went on to continue acting after the show, with a few roles in ’American Gangsta,’ ’Paper Towns,’ and ’The Walking Dead.’

  • 13 Karen Fraction aka Jennifer Parker
    The stern, yet sweet, doting wife to Roger, and mom to the Parker kids

  • 14 Now
    Unfortunately, Karen lost her battle to breast cancer back in 2007. However, her memory will live forever in the hearts of this Nick cult-classic forever.