Mendeecees Says That Erika Slept With Him Anyway Knowing Samantha Was Pregnant in this Love & Hip Hop Bonus Clip

"I don't understand their relationship, I swear I don't. Because I told Erika when I first met her that I had a girlfriend and I had a baby on the way and she didn't care."

Samantha and Erika’s friendship is confusing to Mendeecees, seeing as how they were never really friends, he claims, in this Love & Hip Hop bonus clip. During a phone call, Yandy puts Mendeecees onto the crazy information she received from Samantha’s “best-friend” KoKo. This convo prompts Mendeecees to keep it real with Yandy about his past relationships with his other baby mothers. He tells her that Samantha was “the girlfriend” and Erika still wanted to deal with him knowing that. Even after Samantha had Lil Mendeecees, Papa Mendeecees says Erika not only befriended Samantha but was also the babysitter. He doesn’t understand why now all of a sudden these two women are coming at his wife. If they should be tight at anyone, it should be him.

It’s getting deep, y’all.


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