Wyclef Jean is in Twitter Hell After Releasing an Ill-Timed All Lives Matter Song on MLK Day

Not today, sir!

Although it’s been explained extensively why the All Lives Matter rhetoric doesn’t make sense, some celebrities still don’t get it. Add Wyclef Jean to the list of famous people who received backlash for an ALM stance.

The former Fugees member picked Martin Luther King Day of all days to express his true feelings about Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter. In a now deleted tweet, Wyclef proclaimed, “Martin Luther King Jr. fought because all lives matter.” Say what? We’re pretty sure that’s not what MLK fought for, but maybe Wyclef is referring to a different history book. Wyclef also released an accompanying “All Lives Matter” video and song with the ill-timed tweet, which has also been snatched from the web.
What’s even more confusing is not long ago, Wyclef just performed “Redemption Song” at a pro-Black Lives Matter function with singer Rachel Brown. He also told The Root last year, “Only idiots would be saying, ‘Why do black lives matter?’” Flip-flopping much?

Wyclef is currently getting dragged on Twitter and the reactions are priceless:

Welp, things are not looking good for Wyclef. We wonder how he’s going to respond to this one.

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