This Is How Charlie Sheen Wants to Make Up With Rihanna After Calling Her a B*tch

Is it too late to apologize?

Charlie Sheen appears to be trying to make amends with Rihanna.

After he reignited their three-year-old feud with some nasty name-calling during last week’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live, the famous actor unexpectedly offered up a virtual olive branch to the pop star on Twitter.

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The apology stems from Sheen making headlines a week ago after being asked by Andy Cohen if he and RiRi settled their differences following a 2014 war of words that originated from the singer declining to meet Sheen’s former fiancée at a restaurant. The actor replied, “Oh, that b—h? No, no, no. No, she abandoned common courtesy and common sense.” Watch below.

Only time will tell if Rihanna accepts his apology/invitation.