These Candid Moments From the Season 7 Love & Hip Hop Reunion Were Instant Memes

Bottom line, don't get caught slippin!

You always have to be on point when them cameras are around but unfortunately a lot of Love & Hip Hop cast members were caught slipping at the season seven reunion. If you ask them what they were dong at these moments, they probably couldn’t tell you and while these captions can’t put things into context, it’s still funny nonetheless. Don’t get it twisted though, off-guard or not, the cast still slayed but take a look at some of these memeable moments from the reunion.

  • 1
    When your homegirl’s wildn’ out but you’re trying to mind your business.

  • 2
    When you fall asleep on the train but wake up just in time for your stop.

  • 3
    When you’re trying to give your man the wickedest wine but he doesn’t like reggae.

  • 4
    When you was about to get away with a lie to your mom and your little brother blows up your spot.

  • 5
    When Ultralight Beam starts off with the “WE DON’T WANT NO DEVILS IN THIS HOUSE, WE WANT THE LORDT, THASSSSITTTTT”

  • 6
    When your mom saw you spend an hour getting ready then she tells you to do the dishes right before you leave.

  • 7
    “What you mean Foodtown closed? The sign says 10pm, it’s 9:50, man, stop playing.”

  • 8
    When you out here shinin’ and you see a chick who’s mad.

  • 9
    When he says, “change your phone number so we can be together.”

  • 10
    When you pull up to Popeye’s and see they running the three wings and a biscuit special for $3.99.

  • 11
    When you jumped the whole line at the club and your friends still waiting all salty.

  • 12
    When you know you’re bad and boujee so no one can tell you nothing.

  • 13
    When you’re happy bae finally popped the question but you wondering if he went to Jared.

  • 14
    When you and your man are having a good time but something has been bothering you so you hit him with the, “It’s funny how…”

  • 15
    Rich got on the “You deadass?” face.

  • 16
    Him: “Don’t make it hot, but you see shorty in the blue dress? I used to mess with her, don’t make it hot, though.”

  • 17
    When you send her a beautiful “good morning” text but then she posts it on Twitter and captions, “So tired of these corny guys.”

  • 18
    When you staring at your man in bed just thinking ’bout how dumb he is while he sleep.

  • 19
    When you about to go off ’cause you done told the waitress mad times, “no salt” and she brings you a margarita with mad high blood pressure on the rim.

  • 20
    When a beautiful woman enters the room but you not trying to look because you have a family.

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