Exit Interview: The Eliminated Contestant Literally Forgets Rita Ora’s Name During Her Interview with Law

And, also she'd kill Beyoncé on the runway?!

Law Roach sits downs with this week’s eliminated model to get all the details of her elimination, the future of her modeling career, and all the behind-the-scenes America’s Next Top Model gossip.

Binta Dibba’s goal has always been to win so it should come as no surprise that her exit interview with Law is frank and funny as hell. Binta tells Law that she understood why the judges sent her home even though she knows she was “top three” in the ANTM house. Binta goes on to say that runway is her thing and even if she was put on a catwalk with music icon Beyoncé, she’d “kill her.” Gah! Binta is gonna see an awfully lot of bees in her Instagram comments.

Beyond her low-key shade towards Queen Bey, Binta also can’t seem to remember anyone’s name, including host and judge Rita Ora’s. It all seems to be an honest mistake but it’s hard not to LOL.

Do you think the judges made the right decision, sending Binta home? You can rewatch her elimination again in the highlight below.

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