Disney Channel Characters Who Look Way Too Grown

Zendaya, Bella Thorne, and more Disney channel characters who look way too grown to be playing teens on television.
  • 1 CHARACTER: Chyna Parks (China Ann McClain)
    The Disney Channel
    SHOW: A.N.T. Farm

    This series follows a group of ultra-gifted middle-schoolers in a program called “Advanced Natural Talent” (aka A.N.T.). They’re an adorable group of kids, but eleven-year-old musical prodigy Chyna dresses like Willow Smith — who is the personification of age-inappropriateness.

  • 2 CHARACTER: Ally Dawson (Laura Marano)
    The Disney Channel
    SHOW: Austin & Ally

    In this music-heavy hit, Ally Dawson is supposed to be a singer-songwriter in her late teens. But not only does she look old enough to star as a resident on Grey’s Anatomy, she’s always styled like a substitute teacher.

  • 3 CHARACTER: Albert (Marshall Wilson)
    The Disney Channel
    SHOW: How to Build a Better Boy

    In this updated version of Weird Science, two tenth-grade girls use computer software to create their ultimate teen dream. Albert is hotter than hot, but with his manly shoulders and chiseled, grown-man jawline, he looks a decade out from tenth grade (which, at 25, the actor is).

  • 4 CHARACTER: Zoey Stevens (Zendaya)
    The Disney Channel
    SHOW: Zapped

    In this cult fave TV movie, pop star Zendaya plays a 16-year-old who moves in with her step-dad and four brothers. Her character, Zoey, is totally winning — but should a teen girl really rock waist-length extensions and dragonlady-pointy, Rihanna-esque white nails? Actually, we almost just described Kylie Jenner (a high school junior) to a tee.

  • 5 CHARACTER: Maya Hart (Sabrina Carpenter)
    The Disney Channel
    SHOW: Girl Meets World

    As the BFF of Topanga’s daughter, Maya Hart is supposed to be twelve years old. Twelve? With those bold brows and that knowing smirk, she looks like Cara Delevingne!

  • 6 CHARACTER: Tyler James (Blake Wilson)
    The Disney Channel
    SHOW: Dog with a Blog

    A talking dog is the true star of this family sitcom, but the other fan favorite? Tyler (pictured with baby sis, Chloe), an air-headed, sweet high schooler. Sorry, his smoldering sexiness reads as too grown-up to be believable as a clueless 15-year-old. We have a feeling that his hormonal tween fans couldn’t care less.

  • 7 CHARACTER: Emma Ross (Peyton List)
    The Disney Channel
    SHOW: Jessie

    This show follows Jessie, a Texas chick who becomes a nanny to a family of four wealthy Manhattan kids. 16-year-old Emma is an adorable character, but in va-va-voom, top-heavy get-ups like this, she could pass for a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

  • 8 CHARACTER: CeCe Jones (Bella Thorne)
    The Disney Channel
    SHOW: Shake it Up

    One of the biggest Disney hits in the history of the channel, this show follows the life of CeCe, a teen dancer on a local Chicago dance show. Bella Thorne is gorgeous, but in fuchsia hot pants and glorified fishnets, she looks eons beyond 16.

  • 9 CHARACTER: Maddie (Dove Cameron)
    The Disney Channel
    SHOW: Liv and Maddie

    This hugely popular show stars identical twins — Liv and Maddie — who have drastically different personalities. Maddie looks like a perfectly age-appropriate teenaged tomboy, but Liv…well, Liv looks like a Real Housewife of Orange County.

  • 10 CHARACTER: Lindy Watson (Olivia Holt)
    The Disney Channel
    SHOW: I Didn’t Do It In this series, twins Lindy and Logan are supposed to be starting their freshman year of high school on Chicago’s North Shore. A freshman is 14, right? So, why does Lindy — with her prim beads and stiff, sprayed curls — look like a Good Morning America anchor?