Mendeecees Reacts to the Love & Hip Hop Reunion From Prison, Says He Never Copped Erika an Audi

"I don't understand her real purpose of coming on the show."

Somebody must have told Mendeecees what went down at the Love & Hip Hop reunion, because he had a few things to say, mainly about Erika.
Mendeecees claims that he never purchased an Audi for Erika as she proudly claimed in an attempt to humble Yandy during part two of the reunion. In an Instagram post (he clearly had someone else put up), an audio recording of Mendeecees from prison plays where he claims the Audi in the images pictured is the only one he’s ever owned.

He captioned,

This Audi I bought you?! This is the Only Audi I ever bought! Please cut it! Stop with the imagination bulls—!

And said in the actual recording,

It’s just crazy how Erika can just lie, everything she says is a lie. I don’t understand her real purpose of coming on the show. It’s crazy ’cause it’s like she had the opportunity when I was out and I was free and she wouldn’t dare do it because her lie wouldn’t — she couldn’t lie in my face and I think me going to prison created an opportunity she just felt that she was gonna take her shot and think that nobody would be able to correct her or her story but her imagination is so crazy she just start believing her lies. Like we just had a kid and moved on with our life and that’s just that which is having a friendship… Her saying I bought her an Audi, that car was parked at me and my wife’s house. My wife drove that car probably more than I drove it.

Mendeecees only responded about Erika but has yet to make a statement on the mayhem that took place with Samantha on stage. Either way, looks like someone has some “splaining” to do.

In this moment from the Love & Hip Hop reunion, Yandy’s claims about not knowing Kimbella went to Lil Mendeecees’ birthday party are refuted when an audio recording made by production is played.

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