11 Celebrity Couples That Survived Major Relationship Scandals

For better or worse.

Tying the knot isn’t all about the extravagant wedding and fat rock. It’s about riding with your life partner through thick and thin. The vow “for better for worse” can involve some real sh-t that will test the level of a couples commitment to one another.

Magic Johnson and his wife Cookie got a health diagnosis that rocked their world, but they didn’t jump ship. Love and Hip Hop’s Remy Ma and Papoose stayed together through a 6-year prison bid and are more in love than ever before. Though they seem to have it all on the outside, their stories prove that life can throw you curveballs that will put your relationship to the test. You may not always be prepared for it, but can surely survive the hardships through love, patience and understanding.

These 11 couples would know better than anyone. Take a look at these 11 couples who survived major scandals and still bounced back crazy in love.

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