Rasheeda Breaks Down So Hard After Learning There’s A Video That Proves Kirk Had A Baby By Jasmine, She Has Karlie In Tears Too

"I pray and I hope that this b---h is on some scam artist s--t."

Rasheeda’s shook and broken after talking to Karlie Redd in this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta highlight clip. At first she thinks Karlie was on some dumb ish for talking to Jasmine Washington about her claims that Kirk’s the father of her child. But Rasheeda takes Karlie’s snooping a lot more seriously when Karlie tells her that Jasmine showed her a video of Kirk holding a baby, and her saying, “Say hi to daddy.”

In addition to the video, Karlie tells Rasheeda that Jasmine claimed Kirk put her up in the couple’s old apartment building, she met their son Karter and she met Kirk’s family.

Rasheeda couldn’t care less about the chick, though. All of her anger and pain is focused on her husband of seventeen years. Karlie tries to comfort her by telling her nothing’s confirmed until there’s a paternity test, but it’s becoming more and more likely that this Jasmine girl is the real deal.

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