This Playlist Inspired By The Breaks Will Satisfy Your ’90s Music Needs

You don't need vinyl to go vintage.

What’s the next best thing to tuning into and watching The Breaks every week? Jamming to a Spotify playlist inspired by the music from the show at your leisure, of course!

Recently we put together a super dope Spotifly list of songs heard on (or inspired by) every episode of The Breaks series thus far. Whether it’s the more rugged, earlier sounds from your favorite rap stars like KRS-One, MC Lyteor Public Enemy or the smoother R&B listenings of Al. B Sure, Sade, or Keith Sweat we definitely have you covered on all your nostalgic, eargasmic needs! There’s even a sprinkling of some vintage soul and jazz music from James Brown and Quincy Jones that influenced hip hop in the 90s. We’ve got you covered on all levels.

So no matter the mood or time, you’ll be sure to find a song to match your vibe. Ready for some flava in ya ear? Peep our Spotify playlist below, and be sure to check back every week to find The Breaks more old school bangers added to the list.

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