Ceaser Definitely Has a Type: Find Out All You Need To Know About Tatu Baby

The man has good taste, I'll give him that.

Ceaser has been smitten over his new tings, Tatu Baby, and we can certainly see why. Not only is she an amazing tattoo artist, she is absolutely gorgeous. Born Katherine Flores, this award-winning Colombiana runs her own tattoo shop in Miami, Florida. Her expertise is in photo-realistic designs and with close to a million followers, she’s no amateur at this.

She was a contestant in 2012 on Spike TV’s Ink Master (a show which also featured Melody’s boyfriend Lalo Yunda) where she competed and finished in 4th place. She returned the following season by popular demand where she rounded off at 3rd place. According to her site, she was on the cover of Rebel Ink Magazine, Miami New Times, Urban Ink and more and has made several television appearances. It is apparent by her maturity in dealing with the Dutch/Cease situation that she is not about the bulls—t and all about that coin. Take a peek at some of Tatu Baby’s pics, you won’t be disappointed.

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