Still Flaunt It or Pawn It: What Celebs Do With Their Rings After a Breakup

Ka-ching that bling!

By Claire Downs

While it’s sad to see celeb romances crumble, let’s get real – it’s not always surprising. Celebrities are notorious for whirlwind engagements, rushed ceremonies, and on-again-off-again relationship statuses. We love it when their marriages stand the test of time, like Will and Jada, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

But after the dust settles and the joint statements have been made, what happens to those engagement and wedding rings? That bling isn’t some mall diamond shop buy, either. They’re usually huge rocks, encrusted with other precious gems, and worth millions.

There’s no hard-and-fast rule of etiquette when it comes to rings: Some people keep them for sentimental value, some give them back, and others throw them into the ocean. Often, celebrities put these rings up for auction and try to make a buck off their pain. Hey – what better way to get over a breakup then by raking in some extra cash. And for buyers, owning a celebrity’s old ring makes for a great story.

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