Celebrities We’ve Lost in 2017

Paying homage to these notables and their memories.

By Jasmine Washington

Only three months into 2017, and pop culture has seen the tragic loss of many of it’s beloved stars. Touching tributes have emerged in the wake of these sudden deaths, proving that those we’ve lost did more than just entertain. From television icons to music legends and tastemakers, we pay homage to those we’ve lost this year.

  • 1 Cuba Gooding Sr
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    The famous soul singer and father of Cuba Gooding Jr. and Omar Gooding died on April 21 after being discovered lifeless in his car. Cuba was known for being the lead singer of the ’70s soul group the Main Ingredient. He was 72.

  • 2 Charlie Murphy
    Comedian and actor Charlie Murphy passed away April 12 after losing his battle with Leukemia. The star and brother to Eddie Murphy died shortly after undergoing chemotherapy in lieu of the illness. He was 57-years-old.

  • 3 Chuck Berry
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    Rock ’N’ Roll pioneer Chuck Berry was found unresponsive in his St. Louis home on Saturday (March 18). Berry, who was known as the “Father of Rock ’N’ Roll,” ultimately passed away despite resuscitation efforts by EMTs. He was 90-years-old.

  • 4 Auntie Fee
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    YouTube sensation Felicia ’Auntie Fee’ O’Dell passed away on March 17. She was hospitalized for chest pains and ultimately taken off of life support after she suffered a massive heart attack. Auntie Fee rose to Internet fame after her witty commentary and delectable recipes like “Sweet Treats for Kids,” and “Dumb Good Mac n Cheese” garnered millions of YouTube views. She was 59.

  • 5 Joni Sledge
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    Founding Sledge Sister member Joni Sledge died from natural causes on March 10 at the age of 60. Regarded as a Disco icon, Sledge was known widely for the platinum hit “We Are Family.” She was reportedly working on new music as early as two weeks before her sudden death.

  • 6 Tommy Page
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    Singer, song writer and music executive Tommy Page died from an apparent suicide on March 4 at the age of 46. Page rose to fame with his number one record “I’ll Be Your Everything,” but eventually began working behind-the-scenes as an executive for Warner Brothers and a senior vice president at Cumulus Media Inc. Page was vice president of music partnerships at the Village Voice at the time of his death.

  • 7 Judge Joseph Wapner
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    The People’s Court premiere judge Joseph Wapner died February 26. Known for delivering passionate, opinionated judgements during his 12-year stint on the influential series, Wapner was hospitalized for breathing issues and his condition unfortunately worsened. He was released to his family under hospice care where he ultimately passed at the age of 97.

  • 8 Bill Paxton
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    Emmy nominated actor Bill Paxton succumbed to complications from a heart and aorta surgery on February 25. The 61-year-old star, best known for his roles in Twister and Titanic, had surgery to fix an aortic aneurysm and replace his bicuspid aortic valve.

  • 9 Al Jarreau
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    Grammy award winning vocalist Al Jarreau died on February 25. Known for churning out Jazz, Pop and R&B classics, Al Jarreau was hospitalized for exhaustion two weeks before his death. He was 76.

  • 10 Mary Tyler Moore
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    Beloved TV icon Mary Tyler Moore passed away on January 25. Moore was known best for her role in the Mary Tyler Moore sitcom. Heralded as the “first modern woman’s sitcom,” The Mary Tyler Moore Show highlighted the plight of a single thirty something- year-old career driven woman. Moore was 80-years-old at the time of her death.

  • 11 Lee ’Q’ O’Denat
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    Worldstarhiphop.com founder Lee ’Q’ O’Denat died suddenly on January 23 at the age of 43. An autopsy report later found that Q died of natural causes from a severe buildup of plaque near his heart and morbid obesity. O’Denat’s Worldstar gained notoriety for showcasing hip hop mixtapes and music videos.

  • 12 Jimmy ’Superfly’ Snuka
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    Former WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy ’Superfly’ Snuka succumbed to complications from terminal cancer on January 15. Snuka was known best for dominating through the ’Golden Era’ of the WWE with his “Superfly Splash” move. He was 73.