5 Times Dave Chappelle Predicted the Future on Chappelle’s Show

This is low key creepy.

The wait is over…Dave Chappelle is back behind the stand-up mic.

The comedic genius’s first stand up act in 12 years just hit Netflix today, much to the anticipation of his longtime fans. The performance touches on all the hot button issues of today like ISIS, O.J. Simpson and how the biggest threat to Black men is high sodium levels.

If anything is true of Dave Chappelle, its that his comedic perspective is always ahead of the times. He’s hilarious as he is prophetic. Some of the standout skits from his 2003 hit sketch comedy series Chappelle’s Show spoke to some racial and social concepts that we never saw coming, but actually came to fruition years later *cough Cough Rachel Dolezal.* It begs the question: how on Earth did Chappelle know this stuff would go down? Did he predict the future, or did the future take notes from him?

We noticed five events in recent history that Chappelle’s Show predicted first.

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