Jasmine and Rod Defend Their Three-Way Relationship and Say Mimi’s The Real Scammer

Ms. Faust isn't going to like this.

Rodney Bullock and one of his girlfriends, Jasmine have had enough of fans coming at them saying their storyline is fugazi. Rod’s also fed up with his ex Mimi Faust throwing around accusations that he’s a scammer.

Jasmine took to social media to insist that everything she’s saying about Kirk Frost is 100% true. In a video captured by the Shade Room, the The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta newbie contends that she did not do this for a come-up, and everything that’s happening on the show is actual factuals.

She even shades Mimi in the end of her post, saying that if anyone is a scammer, it’s not “Scambo Lambo” as Stevie J so eloquently calls Rod, but it’s Mimi for lying about her infamous sex tape.

Lemme tell y’all something real quick because I’m getting a lot of comments and seeing a lot of comments saying that everything is scripted, its a storyline, its made up…I can’t vouch for nobody but my people meaning Rod and Keanna, this s–t is real life. Ain’t s–t made up over here. Now I know the story sounds so crazy that it’s just too crazy to believe but unfortunately it played out exactly how you heard it last night. N—s want to call n—a scammers now and make it seem like we scammed the s–t how the f—k can you scam having a baby? Now what you can scam while you calling people scammers is having a sex tape and putting that s–t out yourself and acting like you don’t know who the f–k did it. You can scam that s–t. Anyway life’s great what y’all doing. Ain’t no scamming over here. You gonna get it 100 from us every time.

Rod also took to the ’gram defending himself against the scammer allegations. He posted a photo that said, “I know you’d like to believe it’s just a storyline. That we’re bad paid actors. But I couldn’t make this s–t up if I tried!”

In this scene from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Rod speaks with his girlfriends Jasmine and Keanna about the situation and tells them to stop messing with Kirk Frost.

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