Welcome Back, Prison Break! Check Out These Shows that Were Cancelled Only to Come Back Years Later

Just when you thought a show was over, it suddenly pops up 10 years later.

There’s nothing worse for a TV watcher than seeing a show you love get cancelled. It means that you’ve spent hours upon hours anticipating or bingeing every episode, devoted to a group of characters, only to find out it was all for nothing.

Once in a blue moon, the TV gods (aka network executives) bring back a show that was sent to the TV graveyard and it suddenly makes it all worth it. To be clear, we’re not talking about when a show switches networks and comes back after a summer hiatus, we’re talking about when a show you love goes away and it seems gone forever leaving fans with unanswered questions and a lingering sense of loss. And when these beloved series return, we have so many new questions: Will the reboot have a new name? A new cast? Will it do that time-jump thing to make it seem like time didn’t stop, or do they pick up like nothing happened even though everyone looks ten years older? Will it even be good or are you going to watch it just because it’s your favorite old pastime and nostalgia is real?

Take a look at the shows that we all thought were cancelled but surprisingly brought back years later.

  • 1 Prison Break
    We all watched as The Fox River Eight, everyone’s favorite fictional prison gang, broke out prison, got sent back to prison and broke out again from 2005 to 2009. Just when we thought we knew who was free, who was in prison, who was alive and who was dead, the show was revived and we’re certain we’re going to be sucked right back in. Season five premieres in April 2017.

  • 2 Will and Grace
    Tears were shed when Will and Grace ran into each other while moving their kids into college after nearly 20 years of not speaking in the series finale in 2006. This fall, the show will be returning for another 12 episodes, so we will be able see the status of Will, Grace, Jack and Karen’s friendship after all of these years.

  • 3 Arrested Development
    It’s hard to believe that Arrested Development suffered three seasons of low ratings, only to be cancelled in 2006. The critical darling never quite found its footing on Fox, but was successfully brought back by Netflix in 2013. There have also been rumors of a movie for years, and in January 2017 talks a fifth season resurfaced but neither have been confirmed.

  • 4 The Game
    The Game ended in 2009 when The CW cancelled it after three seasons. When BET revived the show in 2011, the show pretty much picked up right where it left off, making it feel like it never left.

  • 5 Columbo
    If you look at Columbo on IMDb, it says the show aired from 1971-2003. In actuality, the whodunnit crime show originally aired from 1968 – 1978, was cancelled for another decade until 1989, when it was brought back consistently to 1990, with a few specials airing until 2003.

  • 6 Futurama
    Futurama originally ran on Fox from 1999 through 2003. Reportedly, the animated sci-fi series wasn’t officially cancelled, but the network seemed lukewarm about continuing the show. After Comedy Central had been airing old episodes in syndication for years, the cable channel decided to give new life to Futurama in 2009. The series was cancelled in 2013.

  • 7 Family Guy
    With so many episodes always airing on so many networks, a lot of people don’t know that the Griffins weren’t on TV from 2003 – 2005. Despite its brief cancellation, the show is currently in its 15th season on Fox.

  • 8 The X-Files
    The X-Files gave us the creeps for nine seasons from the late ’90s to the early 2000s. Just when we stopped having nightmares about that one episode that was so scary it was banned from airing on FOX, the show came back for one last season nearly a decade later in 2016.

  • 9 Beavis And Butthead
    After the first episode aired, the show went on a six week break so the writers and animators could catch up to the demand to make more episodes. The popularity of the show last for seven seasons and the show was ultimately cancelled. It came back for an eighth and final season in 2011, 14 years after it was originally cancelled. [/item
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