All the Times Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Proved He’s Really and Truly “The People’s Champ”

He's more than an action hero.

We all know Dwayne Johnson as the blockbuster action movie gawd, but don’t let his muscles and captivating one liners fool you. The Rock is a man of the people. Donned “the People’s Champ” during his electrifying run as a WWE superstar, the wrestler turned actor has become one of the biggest names Hollywood.

You might catch him maneuvering torpedoes with his bare hands in the latest installment of Fast and the Furious, or fighting off mythical beasts as Herucles on the big screen, but if you follow him on Instagram you’ll get to see another side to the action star. Johnson shares more of his personal life uploading photos of him being #DadGoalz to his two daughters, spending quality time with his dog Hobbs, or taking care of his mother Ata Johnson. He also shares many uplifting moments meeting fans, visiting hospitals, and helping troubled kids at a youth boot camp find their path on his HBO documentary Rock and a Hard Place.

The man does it all. No wonder everyone wants him to run for POTUS in 2020. To help celebrate Dwayne’s birthday, let’s take a look at the many times that he’s proven to be the people’s champ.

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