The Ladies Were All GaGa Over Joseline Hernandez’s Brother, Kermit, But Calmate, He’s Taken and Has A Very Precious Son

Kermit is an ironic name for this prince!

Tonight we were able to learn a little more about Joseline Hernandez as we were introduced to her very supportive family in the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Joseline’s Special Delivery. It was interesting to see a different side of the Puerto Rican princess but by the way most of the ladies reacted on Twitter, it’s looking like her brother Kermit is the real fan favorite. Don’t know if it’s the hair, the smile, or his natural parenting ability but it’s obvious, he has that charm. In stalking looking through his IG, it’s a bummer to see he is off the market and joyfully welcomed a son recently, a cuddly little cousin to Bonnie Bella. See some more pics of Kermit and his precious son below!

In this highlight from the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta delivery special, Kermit and the rest of the fam come to help Joseline prepare for the birth of Bonnie Bella.

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