Beyoncé’s Maternity Style Makes Slaying For Three Look Easy

Seriously, what can't this woman do?

One of the many reasons we love Beyoncé is her ability to make everything, from crushing stadiums around the world to shooting an album worth of music videos in secret, look oh so effortless.

Even though pregnancy brings on the kind of body changes that can make a woman want to work, eat and sleep in yoga pants, Beyoncé is helping set a new bar for stylish, yet comfortable, maternity wear. While we wait with baited breath for the arrival of Blue Ivy’s twin siblings, mama Bey has kept us up to speed with her pregnancy journey via her Instagram and website.

As you can see, pregnancy hasn’t slowed the Queen down one bit. If anything, it’s encouraged her to double down on taking fashion risks – showing off in everything from a daring, belly-baring sheer top to figure-hugging mini-dresses with chunky heels.

Flip through and see some of Beyoncé’s most memorable maternity looks.

Comedian Michelle Buteau breaks down why celebrities like Beyoncé are given hell about their post baby bodies.

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