Rasheeda Gives Kirk One Option, “Take A DNA Test and Call Me Back For Another Meeting”

"I didn't go and create a crazy a-- situation."

Rasheeda has had enough of Kirk’s lies and just wants him to take the damn DNA test already and holla back at her once he’s got that done.

Ever since this secret baby news came out, Rasheeda is tired of her business being on front street. It’s bad enough that Joseline decided to go on the The Real to air out dirty laundry that ain’t even hers, but now customers are pulling up to Pressed trying to get all the tea on the situation. It’s beginning to affect her livelihood and Rasheeda feels that something has got to give. With all of this going on with Rasheeda, Kirk feels she should still not let this bother her (insert eye roll here.) He understands they are going through some real tough ish but defends his actions by saying their marriage was at a dull point when he decided to cheat.

Rasheeda recognizes her role and can say Kirk wasn’t fulfilling his duties either. Unlike him, she didn’t step out with some crazies to create this whole big mess. “It was a mistake… It was wrong,” is Kirk’s defense and he also adds this isn’t the first time that Jasmine pulled a stunt like this. Whatever Kirk is trying to say, Rasheeda isn’t trying to hear and she tells him to hit her back up when he gets those DNA results.

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