What Happened To the Hot Guys from Your Favorite Movies?

Mean Girls' Aaron Samuels, Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles, and more sexy actors we crushed on who need to come back to our lives.

There is nothing more upsetting than when a super sexy actor slides under the radar. You know who I’m talking about, and this educational journey we’re about to embark on is long overdue.

I’m talking about The Princess Diaries’ Eric von Detten, Save the Last Dance’s Sean Patrick Thomas, and Crazy/Beautiful’s Jay Hernandez. WHERE ARE YOU? Thankfully Mean Girls star Jonathan Bennett (aka Cady’s crush Aaron Samuels) is joining the cast of Hit the Floor, but the rest of you: come back!

When I say, “What happened to the hot guy?” I mean, why are they no longer in my life? And on that note, are they still as hot as they were when I pined over them and watched their movies on repeat? Check out what your former crushes are up to now.

As a little preview, watch American Pie hunk Chris Klein reminisce on the franchise.

  • 1 Andrew Keegan, 10 Things I Hate About You, 1999
    Keegan had our hearts as early as the 7th Heaven and Party of Five days before he sealed the deal in 10 Things. He’s sadly been under the radar since his late ’90s reign, and in August 2014, Vice reported that Keegan had started his own religion. [Photo Credit: Buena Vista/Getty]

  • 2 Michael Vartan, Never Been Kissed, 1999
    The world’s hottest high school teacher went on to star in the hit show Alias in the early ’00s. He’s since starred in TV’s HawthoRNe (2009-2011) and had a recurring role on Bates Motel (2014). [Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox/Getty]

  • 3 Sean Patrick Thomas, Save the Last Dance, 2001
    After dancing his way into our hearts, SPT scored roles in Barbershop (2002) and TV series The District (2000-20004) before falling off the radar. He appeared in the 2008 thriller The Burrowers and has had minor TV roles (including American Horror Story: Asylum ), but it’s nowhere near enough. [Photo Credit: Paramount/Getty]

  • 4 Barry Watson, Teaching Mrs. Tingle, 1999
    In addition to his role as eldest Camden child on 7th Heaven, Watson wooed us in the 1999 black comedy. He unfortunately hasn’t scored many major roles since, but has appeared in TV shows like Gossip Girl (2012), Hart of Dixie (2014), and Masters of Sex (2014). Hey, at least he’s trying. [Photo Credit: Dimension/Getty]

  • 5 Chris Klein, American Pie, 1999
    Klein’s most recognized character is Oz, the always sweaty, always sexy lax player of our dreams from the American Pie franchise. Since then, he’s had his fair share of movie roles like Authors Anonymous (2014), Lifetime’s Damaged (2015), and a recurring role on Wilfred (2011-2014). [Photo Credit: Universal/Getty]

  • 6 Jay Hernandez, Crazy/beautiful, 2001
    Another case of a beautiful actor who sadly peaked too early in our lives. He’s been hanging on with small appearances in movies like Takers (2010) and LOL (2012) as well as TV’s Nashville (2013). [Photo Credit: Buena Vista/Getty]

  • 7 Erik von Detten, Princess Diaries, 2001
    After playing Anne Hathaway’s arrogant crush, von Detten began doing voice work for shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender (2007), Family Guy (2009), and the film Toy Story 3. We’re happy he’s still working, but this is BS. Does he just not want us to see his beautiful face or something? [Photo Credit: Walt Disney/Getty]

  • 8 Jesse Bradford, Bring It On, (2000), Swimfan (2002)
    Bradford’s most noticeable role since his early ’00s heyday was 2009’s I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, the adaptation of the controversial Tucker Max memoir. He’s consistently been on TV with roles in Outlaw (2010), Guys with Kids (2012-13), and Sequestered (2014-present), but none of these come close to writing love songs for Kirsten Dunst. [Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox/Getty]

  • 9 Anson Mount, Crossroads, 2002
    After rocking questionable chokers and driving cross country with Britney Spears, Mount scored small roles in huge shows like CSI: Miami (2004), Lost (2005), and Law & Order (2007). He currently plays Cullen Bohannon in AMC’s Hell on Wheels. Not bad. [Photo Credit: Paramount/Getty]

  • 10 Matthew Lawrence, The Hot Chick, 2002
    The middle Lawrence brother went from being the poster boy of adorable ’90s kid to “Who the hell is that guy?” You may remember him from Brotherly Love (1995–1997), Boy Meets World (1997–2000), but ever since playing the sexy love interest in The Hot Chick, it’s been a struggle. He’s been in episodes of CSI: Miami (2003), Boston Public (2004), and his brother’s show, Melissa & Joey. [Photo Credit: Buena Vista/Getty]

  • 11 Trent Ford, How To Deal, 2003
    Ford’s adorable crooked grin is still around — if you really search for it. His movie career has stalled, but he’s appeared on The Vampire Diaries (2010-11), 90210 (2011), and The Mentalist (2013). Like we said, just keep those eyes peeled. [Photo Credit: New Line Cinema/@thetrentford]

  • 12 Jonathan Bennett, Mean Girls, 2004
    Aaron Samuels made October 3rd your favorite day of the year, and then sadly disappeared. Why, Aaron, why? In 2014, he appeared on Dancing with the Stars, and will be seen on the upcoming third season of VH1’s Hit the Floor. Here’s hoping there will be more of him to go around. [Photo Credit: Paramount/Getty]

  • 13 Diego Luna , Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, 2004
    Luna’s role in Dirty Dancing redefined the word suave. He killed it in 2008 with roles in Milk, Rudo y Cursi, and Just Walking. Sadly for us, he’s taken his talents behind the camera as a director and producer, and most recently voiced the character Manolo in the animated film The Book of Life. [Photo Credit: Lionsgate/Getty]

  • 14 Scott Mechlowicz, Eurotrip, 2004
    Starring in the instant comedy classic Eurotrip unfortunately seems to have been Mechlowicz’s peak. He starred in Gone (2005) alongside Jamie Dornan’s wifey Amelia Warner, and has since made appearances in films like Waiting for Forever (2011) with Rachel Bilson and Eden (2012) with Beau Bridges. Maybe Eurotrip 2 isn’t a bad idea? [Photo Credit: DreamWorks/Getty]

  • 15 Mike Vogel, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, 2005
    Vogel made us long for exhausting runs on the beach, thanks to his role as Bridget’s crushworthy soccer coach in Sisterhood. He’s appeared in movies like She’s Out of My League (2010), The Help (2011), and What’s Your Number? (2011). Today, he stars on CBS’ Under the Dome (and is looking better than ever). Some things are worth the wait. [Photo Credit: Warner Bros./Getty]

  • 16 Ben Barnes, The Chronicles of Narnia, 2005
    This British hunk in armor currently makes American history much more exciting thanks to his role of Samuel Adams in the History Channel miniseries Sons of Liberty. God bless America. [Photo Credit: Walt Disney/Getty]

  • 17 Robert Hoffman, She’s the Man (2006), Step Up 2: The Streets (2008)
    This dancing sex machine holds on to Hollywood with small roles in movies like Take Me Home Tonight (2011), as well as TV’s Grey’s Anatomy, 90210, and The Night Shift. We’d love to see a major comeback, but are ruling out another Step Up installment because, no. [Photo Credit: Walt Disney/Getty]

  • 18 Michael Schoeffling, Sixteen Candles, 1984
    It’s a good thing we can still go back and drool over Jake Ryan, because Michael Schoeffling dropped off, and he dropped off hard. The actor retired from his short-lived Hollywood career in 1991 to focus on family and a new career: The Michael Schoeffling Furniture Store. Last anyone heard, he continues the business with his wife in Pennsylvania. The. struggle. is. real. [Photo Credit: Universal]

[Photo Credit: Warner Bros./Getty]

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