Celebrity Pixie Cuts: Differentiating the Tasteful from the Tragic

And the inspirations from devestations.

Not everyone can pull off the pixie. If you’re thinking about going for the bold ’do, we’re here to help.

  • 1 Tragic: Rihanna
    Getty Images
    Bitch better have scissors to snip that rat tail stat.

  • 2 Tasteful: Shailene Woodley
    Currently recovering from this sideswept display of perfection.

  • 3 Tragic: Jennifer Lawrence
    J. Law is giving us a questionable amount of side burn here and we’re not for it.

  • 4 Tasteful: Emma Watson
    Emma’s sleek, slicked-back cut is exactly what we needed for her to prove she was Hermione no more.

  • 5 Tragic: Ashlee Simpson
    Ashlee’s non-styled ’do is very mushroom cut meets Toad. And it’s not the ’90s, so neither is OK.

  • 6 Tasteful: Jennifer Hudson
    J. Hud’s effortless, yet dramatic side part should be inspiring you rn.

  • 7 Tragic: Kelly Rowland
    Somewhere under those bangs is Kelly, we swear.

  • 8 Tasteful: Pink
    The original pixie babe’s side shave is fleeking.

  • 9 Tragic: Kristen Stewart
    And a colored pixie even Carrot Top would be ashamed of.

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