Tammy Rivera’s “T-Rivera” Swimsuits Offer Different Styles of Sexy to Keep You Slaying All Summer

Tammy is her best marketing tool because it looks so fire!

Tammy Rivera’s T-Rivera swimwear line is something so sexy. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star introduced T-Rivera back in 2015 and the way she models it off has fans everywhere in awe of her voluptuous body. As detailed by her site, “T Rivera caters to women of all sizes while taking a fashion forward approach. It’s inspiring designs & patterns are cutting edge, yet constructed to hug all those delicious curves in the right way to beautifully accentuate the female body,” and accentuate it does. Tammy offers one-piece and two-piece designs alike, some complemented with over-sized zippers or including high-waist shorts. The designs come in multiple colors and sizes, with a fair price point. Granted, not everyone is blessed to have the same shape as our fave this season, but with all of these new 2017 designs, you will for sure find something that will have your man buying you a cover up. Take a look at some of what T-Rivera has to offer. Click here to explore her site!

This season is all about Tammy and bettering herself and that includes putting her music first. Take a look at this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta highlight where Tammy tells Waka about the time she’s been spending at the studio.

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